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Why study in the community services industry?
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InterCare video transcript: Why Study in the Community Services Industry

G: I went to work in the Service Industry because I care about people.

D: I chose this course as I wanted to help the community.

S: The most that I was hoping to achieve out of being in the Community Services area was certainly to give back to the community.

G: I come from IT background and that’s dealing mainly with machines and it’s getting closer to people.

D: I actually have a background in retail but I wanted to change my career. This was the best time for me to do it as the kids have got an older

S: I was in Sales and Marketing and Customer Service for the last 35 years. And back in January, I was laid off my job.

DN: They’ve got to that situation.  Where, “What am I going to do?”  “I’ve been doing this for 30 years. What am I going to do now?”  All we can do is give them the options, give them me explanations that they made, give them the reassurance.  And then the decision is up to them. But I tell them.  They’ve got to have the passion for the industry.

JS: If I’m going to put my mother or my dad into care. If you are going to look after my parents but you don’t have emotionally, you don’t feel anything.  There’s no point.

DN: If I train you, would I like you looking after somebody I love?  And that’s always a good indication to me.

D: I’m happy now. I can go out and get the career that I’ve always wanted. To help people and help the community. Inter Care makes the transition such a breeze. It’s amazing.

S: For anyone that’s contemplating studying I certainly would say, go for it. You have the best support and the advice that I would give is certainly just give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Who are InterCare?
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Narrator: InterCare is an Australian registered training organisation created to provide the community services sector with the best quality workplace training and assessment solutions.

For the past 20 years, we have been working with our clients to achieve the training goals of their business and staff and assisting our students to achieve their learning and career goals.

We have training locations and a group of exceptional trainers right across Australia.

Our scope includes a wide range of Certificate III and Certificate IV qualifications within the community services sector. So whether you want to advance your career in aged care, begin a new adventure in leisure and health or train to start a career in the disability industry, we can provide you with the support and training you need to meet your goals.

Our staffing and employment team provides recruitment services to our industry partners and supports current industry professionals to study and progress throughout their careers.

You can choose to study at our place or yours. InterCare offers a blended delivery model so you can attend face-to-face classes with us or attend online via Zoom.

Workbooks can be completed using our online platform or in printed form, whatever works for you. Our training facilities include manual handling and first aid environments, to provide hands-on practical training to our students, so they’re familiar with these settings before attending onsite work placement. Don’t worry, we will organise that for you too.

S: Certainly through InterCare has allowed me to find work.

JS: My satisfaction, my reward is when my student come to me and say, “Oh we got a job Jane.”

DN: When they finish and they come in to collect their certificates, you feel like a proud mum. It’s so exciting.

G: It’s like a big family. Everyone knows everyone and everyone’s just so happy.

DN: It’s up to us to make sure that they have the best, most positive trainee experience. And at the end of it they feel really proud of what they’ve achieved.

D: I’m happy now. Like I can go out and get the career that I’ve always wanted to help people and help the community.

S: Anyone that is contemplating studying, I certainly would say, go for it. I did, you can.

Narrator: Contac one of our friendly team at 1300 10 2273, or through our website for more information, and to discuss government funding opportunities that may be available to you.

We can’t wait to support you in taking the first step toward your new career in the community services industry.

Why choose InterCare?
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Enrolment process

What is the enrolment process?
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InterCare video transcript: What is the enrolment process?

S: I certainly found the enrolment process for me, very simple, straightforward, and engaging.

G: Anything that you needed, you could ask and people would get back to you straightaway.

D: I went online first and I looked at the course that I wanted to enrol in, which was amazing. All the information was online. And then I called them up.

DN: I love the interaction. I do the Zoom information session. So I’m the first point of contact with the students. And I absolutely love that.

D: It was just so easy. Like they sent me an email within a couple of hours and then I had to do my test. And then we went from there.

DN: When the students actually sign up, when they enrol with us, they’re provided with all their student resources, learner guides, workbooks, everything that they need is provided for them. So we’re pretty much a one-stop shop.

What’s returning to study going to be like?
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InterCare video transcript: What’s returning to study going to be like?

DN: Every student, everybody’s made to feel really welcome.

D: Being a mom and doing this course hasn’t been easy. Like I won’t lie. It’s been a bit of a struggle but I’ve got amazing support with like my family and my kids and the trainers have been so amazing.

DN: They’ve chosen to come back as an adult learner. So a lot of the onuses on them but it’s up to us to make sure that they have the best, most positive training experience.  They feel safe, they feel comfortable and at the end of it they feel really proud of what they’ve achieved.

SO: The ability to know that I had something more in me. That 54 years of age, I hadn’t studied since I was 17 got pulled out of school at year 11. So studying was a huge thing for me to take on but obviously feel very proud and accomplished that I was able to achieve and really enjoyed the process along the way.

DN: There’s no such word as can’t, a mantra that I’ve always used is the fear of failure is the fear of trying

D: You know, I didn’t enjoy school. Like I didn’t enjoy school at all. So like for me to like go back and enjoy this is pretty amazing. I remember the first day I started, I’m like I can’t do this. I remember getting the first assessment book and I’m like this is so hard. Like, I was just so scared but now I’m so proud of myself.

DN: When they finish and they come in to collect their certificates, you feel like a proud mom. It’s so exciting to feel like, you know, I feel like I’ve achieved something with them and I think that’s a really good thing.

Training process

What should I expect during work placement?
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InterCare video transcript: What should I expect during work placement?

DN: As a person who’s worked in the industry for so many years, work placement is a vital part of it.

JS: It’s 120 hours of work placement. They have already been taught in class, they got all the information that they need in the class. It’s just to put it in practise.

DN: Sitting in the classroom for 17 weeks, it’s very different, you know, you walk in and you sort of, it can be very overwhelming, it can be very confronting, can really rattle your confidence, you know really because,

it’s not what they expected, and I think it’s such a vital part of it, and all exactly what it’s like.

D: I am so excited about actually just going into placement, and learning so much more.

G: Work placement was done really well, it was very well organised, they were really up to date with knowing what I had to do, I shadowed a few people, and it was very well looked after.

S: All the experience with work placement was fantastic, it was right in the middle of COVID. So I was able to utilise some of my skill sets from,  my leisure and health, and become more like an activities officer, which is what they wanted myself and the other student to do it.

JS: A lot of my students get job on placement, and I’m very proud of them because they will call me and said, okay, just letting you know that I’ve been offered a job. That is my reward.

What should I expect while studying?
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InterCare video transcript: What should I expect while studying?

G: I’ve done quite a bit of study in my past and other places you’re just a number, but with InterCare they ring you back straight away. It’s like a big family. Everyone knows everyone. And everyone’s just so happy.

D: You don’t really get that everywhere. You don’t get trainers or teachers that are really devoted to students.

JS: Being a mother myself, they are like my children doesn’t matter their age because they trust me and I trust them, so we build this relationship.

S: All of the staff have just been brilliant, outstanding, just so supportive and inspirational. And they’re like a friend at the end. Certainly someone that you can go to and talk to about anything.

DN: They know that I have lived, I’ve walked in their shoes. I’ve lived what it’s like. They can have an experience that they’re not too sure about they need a bit of reassurance, I can actually say, well, look, this is what happened to me. I lived through a similar experience. This is how I dealt with it.

G: They’re very knowledgeable. They’re experienced and they really know their work. And they take a concerned effort in getting you through your course. And if you don’t know something they just tell you straight away and put you on the right path.

DN: We all know what it’s like. We range from age care workers, disability support workers, nurses. So we’ve got people with a really broad knowledge. And I think that’s what makes InterCare really, really, really stand out.

JS: I’m very proud to look after someone who did not have any knowledge at the beginning and finish with like flying colours and get their certificate and get into the workforce.

Work Placement

Do you have any Work Placement Tips?

Absolutely!  Check our Work Placement helpful tips page to learn more

Work Placement helpful tips

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