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InterCare Staffing and Employment

InterCare Staffing and Employment is proud to support our industry partners in their staffing and recruitment needs. Building on our strong industry presence and close relationships with leading providers via our training business, we see this service as a terrific value add that we can also provide to our partners.

In line with our goal to achieve an 80% employment target for our students, the InterCare Staffing and Employment business directly supports our vision to ensure we truly are an ‘industry leader in the delivery of quality training, vocational outcomes and career development’.

The Community Services industry, including Aged Care, Disability and Home Care can be a truly rewarding career with roles that have a direct impact on someone’s life by providing much needed support and care.

InterCare Pathways

About us

InterCare Pathways helps individuals in all phases of their career; entering the work force, re-entering the work force and those looking for a career change. We provide training and employment services through our large network of service providers across the Community Services and Health industries. InterCare Pathways also assists employers with all their staffing and training needs.

Career Services

Piloted in 2016, the integration of Career services with our education and training model has provided significant value to our students in not only development and focus but also in their pursuit and ultimate securing of employment. These services will continue to be expanded to provide ongoing end to end support services to all individuals who have come into contact with other InterCare brands or require such support services. All candidates who have completed a course with InterCare will be afforded the opportunity to join the InterCare Pathways Career Centre and avail themselves to the support services.

Training Referral Services

Through our partnerships with leading Training providers, where appropriate and in line with an individuals career plan, we can recommend and create the pathway to new or advanced employment opportunities via completion of short courses or nationally recognised Qualifications. Click Here to learn more about our training partners.

Job Placement Services

Through our engagement with industry and employers and our provision of education, training and career services to individuals, InterCare Pathways will provide seamless connectivity of employers and individuals through its job placement hub and recruitment services InterCare SE

This training is delivered with State and Commonwealth funding (if applicable). InterCare Training ensures all training and assessment is delivered in accordance with VET Standards and adheres to the principles of access and equity in order to maximise learning outcomes. For further information and a full set of terms and conditions, please refer to the Privacy Policy and or the Student & Employer Handbook RTO No: 21099