What if I Miss a Class? Can I Make this up Without Changing my Groups or Days of the Week Permanently?

We get it, sometimes weeks or days just don’t go to plan and you can’t make class.

Can you still attend virtually just not in person? Join via Zoom for the day!

If it’s not that simple, then here are our best suggestions when this happens and our Training Support Team can guide you through these when contact is made:

  • We can review our schedule and see if another group class is also running the unit/topic that you have missed and can help you join for a make-up class
  • We can let you know when the next time that unit/topic is being delivered in your current group class – so you know you’re not missing out
  • We can see if you can attend a personal ‘catch-up’ class with one of our Trainers or get some help directly on one of ‘lab days’ – usually on a Friday.

Regardless of your needs, I’m sure we can help get it sorted if we work together!

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